Church History


The INTERNATIONAL ONENESS APOSTOLIC CHURCHES OF JESUS CHRIST, INCORPORATED is a continuation of the great revival that emanated on the Day of Pentecost at the City of Jerusalem (Luke 24:47) on about 30 A.D., and founded upon the Foundation of the Apostles and Prophets where our Lord Jesus Christ Himself being the Chief Corner-Stone (Acts 2:1-4, Acts 2:38-43; Ephesians 2:20).

THE HISTORIC AND ANOINTED EVENING. On the eve of February 27, 2007, a group of Oneness Apostolic pastors and elders of like precious faith from Negros Occidental, Leyte and Samar have gathered at the residence of Rev. Edgardo V. Camalon (Talisay City) for purposes of prayer, fellowship and organization.

Among the attendees were Rev. Edgardo Camalon (Pastor of Talisay City, Negros Occidental Church), Rev. Reynaldo Vecino (Pastor of Hinigaran, Negros Occidental Church), Rev. Romeo Ranze (Pastor of Palo, Leyte Church), Rev. Rafael Baduya (Pastor of Burauen, Leyte Church), Rev. Zacharia Ramos (Pastor of Dagami, Leyte Church), Rev. Benjamin Regato (Pastor of Guiuan, Samar Church), Bro. Clodualdo Marcellana and Bro. Venido Macalalag (both Elders of Palo, Leyte Church), Bro. John Mark Camalon, Bro. Jerry C. Delicano and Bro. Cirilo Abella (Elders of Talisay City Church)

These brethren embraced the true Apostolic message and doctrine such as the ONENESS OF GOD as enshrined in Deuteronomy 6:4; Mark 12:29; Colossians 2:9; I Timothy 3:16, THE NEW BIRTH DOCTRINE (Acts 2:38; John 3:3-5) and ABSOLUTE PRACTICAL HOLINESS (I Peter 1:15-16; Romans 12:1-3) with the Bible as – the sacred Book and standard of faith, morals, teachings and way of life (II Timothy 3:16; John 5:39; Revelation 1:3)

It was the suggestion of Rev. Camalon “to first agonize before we come to organize.”

After fervent prayer, everyone was overwhelmed by the Spirit of God and almost every Ministers in the house has received divine anointing, vision and direction. The prayer meeting was first held purposely just to seek the mind of God and His Will pertaining to the merging, welfare and advancement of the entire work across and outside the Philippine archipelago.

In fact, the participating ministers and elders have waited patiently for a long period of time for the intention of merging their local congregations into a [single] National Organization.

As everyone has signified his noble intention to organize into one “unified organization / society”, a draft of covenant in the form of “A Resolution” was unanimously passed and approved (Psalm 133:1). The purpose of merging is to establish the worship and evangelistic ministry on a more efficient basis, promote greater cooperation, support one another and secure closer fellowship, and harmony among the Oneness Pastors, Workers and Churches (Ephesians 4:1-16).

The second postulate of merging was originated in the provision of Article III of the 1987 Philippine Constitution (Bill of Rights) which expressly states: “The right to form associations or societies for purposes not contrary to law.”

After a series of reflection, each minister and elder gave their written suggestion pertaining to the name of the new Religious Organization. There, the name INTERNATIONAL ONENESS APOSTOLIC CHURCHES OF JESUS CHRIST, INCORPORATED was born after a process of elimination and votation was made.

On that same day, an election was also conducted. The set of officers/trustees/incorporators are REV. EDGARDO V. CAMALON – Chairman of the Board; REV. ROMEO E. RANZE – Asst. Chairman; BRO. JERRY C. DELICANO – Secretary/Treasurer; the Board Members – REV. RAFAEL L. BADUYA, REV. ZACHARIAS B. RAMOS, REV. REYNALDO A. VECINO, REV. BENJAMIN D. REGATO, BRO. CIRILO G. ABELLA, BRO. CLODUALDO L. MARCELLANA, BRO. JOHN MARK A. CAMALON, BRO. VENIDO E. MACALALAG. Each member pledged his commitment and loyalty to the Lord and to each other as long as they stand and continuing in pursuit to the greatest mission on earth – the Preaching and Teaching of the Gospel to every creature (Mark 16:15-18), and Discipling the nations in order to conform according to the image and full stature of Jesus Christ.

It was Atty. Jovim V. Entila, an interim Legal Counsel of the Group who made an inquiry with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) via SEC i-Register site at about the organization’s Corporate name. The same was then sent for reservation.

Finally, on April 27, 2007, after complying all the requirements of S.E.C. the INTERNATIONAL ONENESS APOSTOLIC CHURCHES OF JESUS CHRIST, INCORPORATED was APPROVED/REGISTERED under its Company Registration No. CN200725978 (Certificate of Incorporation) duly signed by Director RUSSEL I. ILDESA.